Monday, 2 April 2012

The chaos of change

I have spent the majority of my working life looking at change models and developing initiatives and strategies to ease the change process. The subject fascinates me.

I first learnt of a “change process” when sat in a lecture theatre eagerly awaiting a speech on “making the most of your year abroad”. I was expecting an upbeat promotion of the wonderful experience that we were all about to embark upon delivered by students who had done it, been there and had “found themselves”. Unfortunately, I was faced by a university lecturer who solemnly pulled up a slide on the projector to explain how we were probably going to experience “anxiety”, “fear” and “depression” at some point during our trip ... certainly not what I wanted to hear!

Anyway, I do digress. I am just about to move house, something I hate at the best of times and this time it is not helped by the fact that my partner of 5 years is moving to London whilst I stay in Cheltenham. I feel like I have been on a placid playground ride that has just turned into Nemesis at Alton Towers. Suddenly I have had to find somewhere new to live, start to pack up my things, leave behind the silly items that were bought specifically for the large regency-style apartment we were living in, downsize significantly and divide our other things between our two new houses (obviously I have earmarked all of our nicest belongings).

Although I am used to considering the change curve and process on a work-level, I had not really stopped to think about how it affects us on a personal level and how unsettling yet exciting change can be in everyday life. I think I am currently stuck somewhere around the denial stage, having left all my belongings unpacked and still avoiding planning the logistics of the move, but I am keen to follow my own progress through the many stages of change.

Paul moves out for good on Sunday and I will be making the transition to my new place in two weeks, so I’ll keep you updated!

To understand a little more about the change process, check out this diagram by John Fisher.

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